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Fenc Fiji is a non-political, not-for-profit, cause-oriented, voluntary organisation with a mission to provide education and related support to the under priviledged children of the Fiji Islands.
Purchase orders for Fenc Fiji Youths
Added: 27/03/2012

 This morning Maria and I visited All Saints Secondary School to hand out purchase orders to the sponsored children for new uniforms, bags and shoes. These students were so beautiful I asked them what they want to be when they grow up; three teachers, one doctor (the poorest one), an engineer and a pilot. This children deserve to dream, to succeed and have a bright future.


Receiving purchase orders for new uniforms, bags and shoes.


I want to personally thank those who have sponsored these youths through Fenc Fiji. Fenc Fiji seems to get more people willing to sponsor the primary aged children due to the lower cost, but the secondary school children need to be sponsored too.

I am so blessed to have been part of this process today, these youths came into the office unsure of why they had been called, their faces told a story of hardship and sadness, but once they knew that they were going to get brand new clothes and bags their faces lit up and started to beam .The picture says a thousand words.

Maria, in the middle, heads up the Labasa branch. She is an amazing christian woman with the biggest heart. She refuses to discriminate against age, sex or race. When she was asked to pick eight primary school children that had been sponsored in her area, she told me that she wanted to pick four Fijians, two boys and two girls and then four Indians again two boys and two girls. This position she has carrys much weight and it is easy for people to discriminate especially against another race, but Maria sees that all children need education and I am honoured to be invited to join her a few days a week; she is a blessing in my life. When I was eighteen I wrote a poem about wanting to travel the world, to photograph, to write and record. I want the world to know that people really do live in povery. Too often we live in our own little bubble, we focus inwards on ourselves and our own problems. Then those problems become bigger in our lives, but when we see the needs of others those problems becomes smaller and almost insignificant.

When we love others and give them a hand up we see the world in a different light, all of a sudden we have purpose and those petty issues we once had no longer have such a strong hold on us. God created us to love one another as he has loved us. So let's remember to reach out to others in need and give them a hand up.

Posted by IslandLight at 5:57 PM

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