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About FENC Fiji

Fenc Fiji is a non-political, not-for-profit, cause-oriented, voluntary organisation with a mission to provide education and related support to the under priviledged children of the Fiji Islands.


Who we are

The Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in Fiji is a national initiative, registered under the Charitable Trusts Act (Cap 67) to serve as voluntary, non-political, not-for-profit, cause-oriented organisation that would, provide educational and related support to the children of the poorest of poor families in Fiji. 

The assistance to be extended by Fenc Fiji will be at primary and  secondary  levels and will include, but not limited to, the following:

  • scholarships covering school  supplies such as: text books, stationery,  uniform and school shoes
  • coaching, mentoring and tutoring support. 

​The funding for this initiative is to be mobilised through: 

  • Individuals within Fiji and overseas;
  • Private sector business organisations;
  • Philanthropic organisations and charitable trust funds within Fiji and overseas; and
  • From the Government as well as Fiji's bilateral and multilateral development partners. 


Growing Numbers of people in Fiji are now trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty. It is esitamted that close to 40% of Fiji's population now live below the poverty line. 

Education is the key to breaking this cycle. Unfortunately access to eduction is not always available.

Over 10 percent of Fiji's children aged 5-14 years do not attend school. More than 50 percent of those completing primary school do not have the opportunity to attend secondary school.

Efforts are being made by the Government, various organisationis and inidividuals but with little sustainable impact. There is an urgent need for effective delivery of education and related support to the children of the poorest of the poor in Fiji. 

This is the vision and the mission of Fenc Fiji.